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The Best Snow Creatures From Portland's Snowpocalypse!

Portland is wayyyy more used to rain falling from the sky than snow! As schools closed and public transport struggled through the record breaking snowstorm, Portland kept it weird with some amazing (if temporary) snow sculptures....

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Snow day in Portland, OR

MD Photography / Via Facebook: MichaelGoesOutside

Stunning flyover of Portland after record snowfalls, this beautiful aerial perspective shows some of the city's most iconic sights in a new light. Somewhere out there are all of the snow sculptures below...

Snow unicorn

Stephanie Renfro / Via Facebook: Hiddenportlandforthecurious

Mystical mythical creatures come it to play in the snow! Love inventive use of a familiar snowman nose 🥕 for the horn and of greenery for the tail and mane. 🦄

Snow mermaid

Timothy Arliss O'Brien / Via Facebook: Hiddenportlandforthecurious

More mythical mystical creatures: ❄️ Mermaids come ashore for a little winter vacation! I hope she isn't waiting for the bus! Everything is delayed as a foot of snow blankets the city!

Snow castle

Clinton Lindsey / Via Facebook: Hiddenportlandforthecurious

I'm not really sure what it is, snow castle? Face peering out of the sidewalk with a big hat? Something from the Lan Su Chinese Garden? Whatever it is, me likely. 🌨

Trump tribute

Sam Ward / Via Facebook: Hiddenportlandforthecurious

A tribute to our president-elect, holding a sign: "Folks, I know snow, ok? I've seen snow like you wouldn't believe, believe me! And I don't need anybody's snow plows. It's nice. I'm using my own snow plows." ☃️🇺🇸

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