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29 Surprising Old Tomi Lahren Tweets Will Blow You Away!

Looking back through Tomi Lahren's tweets, from long before she became the online fresh face of right-wing outrage and outbursts.....

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1. Tomi Lahren joined Twitter back in Jan 2012

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

And it all started so innocently, with a shout out to her Criminal Justice class.


3. But we started learning more about her quickly, for example, even Tomi has an *off* day!

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

We all relate to this... just odd to see humanity from someone who has come to represent such strident self-confidence!

6. Tomi quotes Taylor Swift lyrics (whodathunkit?)

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

Oops! Guess we know why 2013 sucked for poor Tomi!

7. Tomi quotes Taylor Swift lyrics so much that she actually refers to her as T-Swift!

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

Tomi gets her groove back and has the on-going T-Swift soundtrack to her life to prove it!

8. Tomi drinks angry to get over those bad days...

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

We suspected you might be having a nip before recording... twice the fun, twice the angry!!

13. Tomi gets by with a little help from her friends....

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

Sometimes angry drinking until you have tequila face and you are #poppinthatp leads to worshiping the porcelain god!

15. Tomi's gonna try with a little help from her friends...

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

Stop trying to make "ratchet" happen!!

18. Less surprising, she does know what "schwastey" is...

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

Also not surprising that she watches Shark Tank. Not surprising at all.

21. She couldn't find her Valentine's date on Millionaire Matchmaker?(!!)

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

Someone find the footage - STAT!

23. Maybe she should have talked to the randoms she back in December!!

Via Twitter: @TomiLahren

One of those randoms could have been her Valentine! <3 Reallllly gotta stop enjoying these random tweets so much!!

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