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    W138D-40 PORTABLE VIDEO MEMORY ENDOSCOPE Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|benz star 2000|Fly 100 Honda|x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A Len Dia.:4.0mm Flexible Tube Dia.:4.0mm Flexible Tube Length.:1000mm(optional Extention tube: 3M,5M,30M max.) Total Length:1200mm Waterproof at flexible tube and len.(IP67) LCD Monitor:3.5"TFT LCD Pixels:320*240 Pixels View Angel:67 Focal Distance:15mm-100mm Four White LED light NTSC/PAL Memory:SD Card for the Video and Photo LEN & LED Power supply:3.7V DC Powere Supply:5V DC AC to DC Adapter, SD Card, A/V Cable/USB Cable

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