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The "Sing Street" Soundtrack Will Give You A Total '80s Crush

Put this in your boombox if you're gonna go stand outside your crush's window. Sing Street is out in select cities now!

Sing Street, the newest movie from John Carney (Once, Begin Again), just released a soundtrack, and it's like totally wicked.

Here are some of its sickest tracks that are sure to make you fall in love with the '80s all over again.

"Brown Shoes" is about you in high school, struggling to fit in.

The jocks and preps throw rats at you and punch you in the face.

There are no "special snowflakes," and teachers give you a hard time just because they can.

It seems like the only way to fight back against it all is to let your feet loose and keep on walking to the beat of your own drum.

But then you meet someone. Their style is righteous. They are so radical, it hurts. You NEED to get to know them. "Riddle of the Model" is that experience.

Sure, it's awkward at first. They find it endearing.

But eventually you two get closer. And you can't help but think they mean so much more behind each stare.

And all of a sudden, you feel like this on the inside:

Everything just feels right. Everything seems beautiful. You're in love. "Up" is that moment.

And you just can't stop yourself from dancing. Everything's going up!

You start going to crazy lengths just to impress them. Maybe you glam up your look a bit.

Maybe you try to make some tubular music video for them so you can declare your love on the "MTV."

"Girls" is totally you doing all of those things.

"Is it actually working?" you ask yourself in disbelief as you and your crush get even closer.

Like, really close.

It all seems too good to be true. "Beautiful Sea" nails that uneasy, cautiously excited feeling of being in love.

Then, out of nowhere, something bad happens. They leave town without telling you. They get back together with a former love who treated them unkindly.

"To Find You" is you longing for the perfect love that had so much potential but never was.

But you don't dwell on them for too long. You realize that all this time, you've been becoming a better, stronger person. The new you is a rock star.

"Drive It Like You Stole It" is your perfect '80s anthem. You're a bright synth melody. You're a sexy sax solo. You're a head-banging melodic guitar lead.

The crowd is disco-dancing and going wild when you see your crush in the audience. They came to see you perform!

You two make up. You both admit you made mistakes. "Up (Bedroom Mix)" is your happy-ending song.

And then you two lovebirds sail into the sunset.

All images courtesy of The Weinstein Company.

For an extra dose of '80s, the Sing Street soundtrack also features classic songs by Motorhead, Duran Duran, the Jam, the Cure, Hall & Oates, Joe Jackson, and M.

And check out Sing Street playing in select cities now!

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