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8 Airplane Meals That'll Make You Actually Look Forward To Flying

You hear that??? That's the sound of your stomach rumbling over these deluxe dishes. Fly nonstop with Singapore Airlines and experience them for yourself!

On this nonstop flight, you're being treated to the finest fare in the air. First, whet your appetite with some fancy canapés.

This trio of smoked haddock, cucumber salad Cajun chicken, and roasted pumpkin mushroom canapés will totally pamper your taste buds.

Need something to really sink your teeth into? The sous vide–cooked chateaubriand steak is equal parts satisfying and luxurious.

It's served with a wild mushroom cream sauce and herb potatoes and veggies for a balanced meal that will power you through your nonstop flight.

Or go for the savory braised grass-fed beef short ribs.

It's paired with turmeric cauliflower mash, asparagus, and parsley gremolata for a hearty dish fit for royalty.

If you're in search of a more delicate dish for your flight, the cured salmon will call your name.

It's topped with a refreshing symphony of fennel orange, red radish, cracked wheat, and mesclun.

Or dig into the succulent seared chicken and zucchini.

It's served with pappardelle pasta-cut zucchini, parmesan, braised tomatoes, micro basil, and a lemon vinaigrette. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

You can treat your system and your tastebuds with a flavor-packed roasted beet salad.

Adorned with burrata, endive, grapefruit, watercress, and hazelnut and topped with a delicious beet reduction sauce, this dish takes salads to a whole new level.

Nothing wakes you up during a nonstop flight like a satisfying lox eggs Benedict.

You'll salivate over this whole-wheat English muffin eggs Benny topped with chive cream cheese, fresh smoked salmon, organic egg omelet, and yogurt hollandaise.

Or go for a light but filling Greek yogurt dish topped with granola, fresh berries, and coconut flakes.

You'll have to stop yourself from eating the spoon when it's all gone.

Images courtesy of Robbie Lee / Singapore Airlines.

Once you're through with your deluxe meals on Singapore Airlines, you'll wish your nonstop flight really never did stop!