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MasterChef Winners: Where Are They Now?

All of the comings and goings of the past MasterChef winners since Season 1.

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Season 1 Winner: Whitney Miller

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Whitney was only 22 years old when she won MasterChef in 2010. Since her win she has produced two cookbook, been a frequent guest host for ABC's Birmingham Talk of Alabama's TV cooking segment, and most recently in 2015, she became a chef at The Coop, a popular restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

Season 2 Winner: Jennifer Behm

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Jennifer formerly held the title of Miss Delaware in 1999 before competing in and winning MasterChef in 2011. Since her win Jennifer has started her own catering company called Pink Martini, she's done lots of public speaking and judged several cooking contests. Most recently she opened a restaurant called Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen along with her husband Julio Lazzarini.

Season 3 Winner: Christine Ha

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Christine was the first (and so far only) blind contestant to win MasterChef. After winning in 2012, Christine has written a cookbook, been a recipient of the Helen Keller Personal Achievement Award and most recently, in 2015, she became a judge on Season 3 of MasterChef Vietnam.

Season 4 Winner: Luca Manfe

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Luca is the first male and first previous season returnee to win MasterChef. Since his win in 2013, Luca has written a cookbook and started his own catering company titled: Dinner with Luca. Most recently he established his own food truck called The Lucky Fig.

Season 5 Winner: Courtney Lapresi

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Prior to winning MasterChef Courtney's occupation was "aerial dancer". She never shied away from this information and was known on the show for wearing "stripper heels" Since her win in 2014, Courtney has written a cookbook. She also started a website in 2014 called "The Posh Tart" and that is also the name of her instagram page.

Season 6 Winner: Claudia Sandoval

Claudia was a single mother before her time on MasterChef. Since her win in 2015, she has written a cookbook, started a blog titled "The Adventures of Single Latina Mama" and started a website called "Claudia's Cocina" Most recently Claudia was a guest on Season 7 of MasterChef and she was part of the MasterChef cruise in November of 2016.

Season 7 Winner: Shaun O'Neal

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Prior to his MasterChef win, Shaun was a DJ in Las Vegas. Since is win in 2016, Shawn has started writing his first cookbook and was most recently a part of the MasterChef cruise in November 2016.

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