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112 Tribe Members From The First 7 Seasons Of Survivor Ranked From Worst To Best

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. Pfft.

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112. Jonny "Fairlplay" Dalton. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Dude lied about his grandmothers death. Then got sympathy from his tribe members about it. They gave him a reward challenge because of it. He lied through his teeth every chance he got. Plus he's just really cocky and annoying

111. Osten Taylor. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

He was the first Survivor in history to quit. So many people try out for this opportunity and he wanted to quit pretty much from Day 1. He claimed his body was shutting down on him yet he was seen horse-playing with fellow tribe mates. Even Jeff Probst was disappointed in him.

110. Richard Hatch. Winner: Survivor: Borneo / Via

First of all the nakedness. SO much nakedness. He loved controversy. He loved to make waves and he was so damn arrogant. Richard was the first winner of Survivor ever. He didn't pay taxes on his million dollars though, so now he's in jail.

109. Jerri Manthey. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

She thought she was the shit. So arrogant and annoying. Nobody in her tribe liked her. She was in love with Colby and he wouldn't give her the time of day. Her cockiness and attitude is what puts her so high on the list for me.

108. Ted Rogers Jr. Survivor: Thailand / Via

The Ghandia incident. That's why I don't like Ted. He rubbed against Ghandia sexually while they were sleeping in the shelter. She confronted him about it and he apologized but she still wasn't feeling comfortable about it. So when she got more upset and started telling the other tribe mates he started calling her a liar. Men who sexually abuse women and then blame them or call them liars, not cool.

107. Susan Hawk. Survivor: Borneo / Via

She was loud, she was braggy. She thought she was better and smarter than everybody. It was pretty cool when she went off on Kelly Wigglesworth during the last episode of their season though.

106. Clarence Black. Survivor: Africa / Via

Long story short: Clarence and another tribe mate Diane were left behind in the very early part of the season while the rest of the tribe went to get water. Diane was not feeling well and Clarence stayed behind to help her. One of them decided to open a can of their very limited food supply to give to Diane to help her since she was ill and they both ended up sharing it between them. Didn't save anything for any of their other starving tribe mates. Then Clarence blamed it entirely on Diane. She didn't force him to eat it.

105. Alex Bell. Survivor: Amazon

cbs,com / Via

Too cocky. He, Jenna, Heidi and Rob Cesterino would just lay around all day while the other tribe mates did all the work . He was convinced that they were completely in charge and so he could do whatever he wanted. His biggest mistake was telling Rob Cesterino that he was going to vote him out when they got down to final 4. Bye Bye Alex.

104. Andrew Savage. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Andrew was deemed the leader of his tribe and he took that very seriously. He voted out Lillian Morris and during a turn of events she was allowed to come back into the game. Andrew was angry and Lillian knew she couldn't trust him because he had lied to her earlier in the game. He was voted out right after Lil came back.

103. Sarah Jones. Survivor: Marquesas / Via

This is Sarah. Sarah has really big boobs. Sarah thought she was God's gift to men. Sarah literally laid on the raft while the rest of her team were swimming and pushing the raft to the camp. Sarah was a jerk.

102. Burton Roberts. Survivor: Pearl Islands


I felt bad for Burton in the beginning. He was voted out of his tribe pretty early on, but in a twist, got to come back into the game right before the merge. He teamed up with Jonny Fairplay and they lied to almost everyone in that tribe. He deserved to be kicked out both times.

101. Heidi Strobel. Survivor: Amazon / Via

Heidi was infamous during her season for taking off all of her clothes to get some peanut butter and oreos. C'mon woman, have some self respect. She constantly thought she was alienated in the group for being young and pretty. Ugh.

100. Clay Jordan. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Clay was such a lazy SOB. He ended up coming in second in the game only because of an alliance he had made really early on. He hardly ever did anything around the camp and one time he felt his alliance was threatened and went off on someone from another tribe. Just a jerk face.

98. Kel Gleason. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

Kel was accused (by Jerri Manthey) of smuggling beef jerky into the game and hiding it from his tribe mates. He swears he was just chewing on a blade of grass. It still got him voted out though. I guess the world will never know.

96. Diane Ogden. Survivor: Africa / Via

First Diane led the tribe in the wrong direction towards their camp and wasted valuable time, then she got sick and was weak and her and Clarence shared that infamous can of beans. Clarence swore it was her idea, she swore it was his. Either way, she was the first person voted out on her season.

95. Ghanida Johnson. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Ghandia lost her tribe their first challenge when she was unable to finish a puzzle. Then there was the infamous thing with Ted. She was super dramatic, going off on her own and screaming and throwing rocks when she was mad. Basically throwing a temper tantrum.

94. Trish Dunn. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Trish turned on Rupert. The man who was providing them with fish and winning all the challenges for them. She got greedy and her and Jonny Fairplay joined together to get Rupert out. The plan backfired though when Sandra Diaz-Twine overheard them making their plan and she was voted out instead.

93. Joanna Ward. Survivor: Amazon / Via

Ah Joanna. I admire the woman's faith. I do. And I can even understand her not wanting the touch the idol or be near it. Her going off on Christy is what makes me not like her. Plus she made everyone else feel stupid and that they weren't good enough because they didn't work as hard as she did.

92. Robb Zbanick. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Robb looked cool. Robb looked fun. Robb spells his name differently. But Robb was cray cray. Grabbing people by the throats and crap. Even though he supposedly had some spiritual enlightening right before he left, he still needed to go.

91. Jenna Lewis. Survivor: Boreno / Via

She was so annoying during her season. Always crying. She tried to form her own alliance and was subsequently voted out. Plus afterwards she released a sex tape. That should make her kids proud someday.

88. Jed Hildebrand. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Jed felt like he was better than everyone else. He wouldn't sleep under the shelter with everyone else, preferring instead to sleep in the sand. He was childish. He wasn't happy when some tribe mates went to get food so he didn't eat it.

86. Kimmi Kappenberg. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

Kimmi was a vegetarian. And that is all well and good. But she was infamous for making everyone feel bad for eating chickens that they won in a challenge. It's all good to have your beliefs but being loud and vocal about stuff that goes against everyone else, almost always gets you kicked off survivor.

84. Sean Rector. Survivor: Marquesas / Via

He loved a good argument. Loved to cause tensions and drama in the tribe and he and Rob Mariano loved to pit the opposing tribe members against each other. Sometimes it worked, and when it didn't work, Sean was voted out.

83. Tijuana Bradley. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

I have to say that I really don't have anything against the way the Tijuana played the game. She rode some coattails but overall I don't think she played a bad game. I just cannot stand her personality and loud, shrill voice. From the very beginning when the tribes were trying to buy things to take with them and she was yelling at a merchant because she wanted her money back, I knew that she was going to get on my nerves every time she opened her mouth. And I was right.

82. Jake Billingsly. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Jake's nickname after the merge was "Jake the Snake" because he was trying his hardest to get into the alliance of the dominating tribe. He was turning his back on his surviving original tribe mate, he was trying to turn people against each other. I'm all for trying to stay in the game for as long as possible, but it felt like Jake just let all his dignity and morals go out the window.

81. Jenna Morasca. Winner: Survivor: Amazon / Via

Jenna along with Heidi Strobel, stripped naked for peanut butter and oreos. She felt like she was alienated in her tribe for being "young and pretty" Her mother was sick with cancer and during a reward challenge she had the chance to win a letter from home. Christy outbid Jenna though and got the letter instead. Jenna cried about it and Jeff gave her an option to win a letter too. I know she really wanted that letter, but Christy hadn't spend her money on any food and Jenna had spent all of her money on food. So I felt that Christy deserved that letter from home more than Jenna did. Jenna is used to crying and getting her way, it seems.

80. Keith Famie. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

Keith let his pride get in the way. He was a professional chef but nobody like the way he cooked the rice. So he whined about it for awhile and got on everybody's nerves. Due to a strong alliance though, he still made it to final three.

77. Silas Gaither. Survivor: Africa / Via

Silas was blindsided when he was switched to a different tribe. He had been on top in his first tribe and was an underdog in the new tribe. He proceeded to lie at every opportunity to try to save himself but it didn't work.

75. Tammy Leitner. Survivor: Marquesas / Via

Tammy's alliance was shattered when John Carroll was voted out. She did not go very willingly from the game and during the final tribal council, her bitterness showed through.

74. Shawna Mitchell. Survivor: Amazon / Via

During the Amazon season of survivor, the tribes were men vs women. Shawna begged to be voted out of her tribe after a couple weeks in, stating that she felt weak and unlike her self and was ready to go. Her request was denied and the next week some members of the tribe were switched and some men came over to the women's tribe. Amazingly, Shawna immediately perked up when the men arrived. No more crying, no more complaining. She was all smiles for the rest of her time on the island, which wasn't very long.

73. Penny Ramsey. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Penny and her fellow tribe mates were voted out one by one when the tribes merged. Penny completely bailed on her former alliance to save herself. Although it only bought her three more days.

72. Nicole Delma. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Nicole tried very early on to make an alliance and get Tijuana voted off. Then when Tijuana found out, she confronted Nicole and Nicole lied about it which resulted in her being the first person voted off of her season.

70. Stephanie Dill. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Stephanie was kind of childish. She refused to sleep in the shelter with everyone else, choosing instead to sleep in the sand. She also refused to help make the shelter. Overall, not a good sport.

69. Michelle Tesauro. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

The survivors had an eating challenge where they had to eat some pretty nasty stuff. Michelle did not mind eating the gross stuff so her tribe asked her fake it and pretend like it grossed her out so that the other tribe would pick her to eat the gross stuff a second time. She did not stick with the plan. She swallowed all that gross stuff like it was nothing and her tribe lost as a result.

68. Matthew Von Etfreda. Survivor: Amazon / Via

Matthew made it to second place in his season, only securing one vote against Jenna Morasca. Matthew was an ok guy. He was kinda dumb. Kinda just went on coattails. The weird thing about his was his constant knife sharpening during his last few days on the island. It definitely made his tribe uncomfortable and made me uncomfortable watching it.

67. Shii Ann Huang. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Shii Ann made such a dumb move. The two tribes came together to live on the same beach and everyone assumed they had merged so Shii Ann starts going with the other team and telling them she'll vote with them. Then at the next challenge they find out the teams have NOT merged and Shii Ann was voted out for being a traitor.

64. Debb Eaton. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

Debb was bossy and domineering to her tribe. She was the first person voted out of her season. Side note: After she was kicked off apparently she received a lot of harsh criticism from the inmates at the prison she worked out. I'm surprised the prisoners weren't nicer to her, said no one.

61. Stacey Stillman. Survivor: Borneo / Via

Stacey clashed with Rudy and was overall very weak during her season. Plus she sued CBS and the creators of Survivor because she thought her being voted out of the show was staged. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

60. Nick Brown. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

Nick's strategy was to be very lazy at camp and save his strength for challenges. Even when asked, he would hardly do any work at camp. Why they kept him around so long, I'll never know.

58. Mitchell Olsen. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

Mitchell is just kinda there. He didn't really make any waves. Didn't really make any big alliances in the game. He is one of those players that you forget right after he's voted out.

57. Colleen Haskall. Survivor: Borneo. / Via

Colleen was cute and supposedly had a sexual relationship with Greg during her season. She ended up having a movie career after the show and starred in the movie "The Animal" with Rob Schneider.

56. Patricia Jackson. Survivor: Marquesas / Via

Patricia took a "motherly" role in her tribe which a lot of the younger members didn't like. They felt like if they wanted to be lectured and told what to do they would've stayed home. She was the second person voted off on her season.

55. Erin Collins. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Erin was a pretty good tribe mate on the show. I was very annoyed by all that crying that went on when she was voted out. Not just by her, but by her other tribe mates. Seemed very fake and was just done for ratings.

54. Shawn Cohen. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Shawn was kind of a backstabber. He had a friendship and alliance with Burton and Michelle. He later voted Burton out and after being friends with him for several days, he told everyone how much he hated Burton and how Burton had to go. This made Michelle mad and got Shawn voted off.

52. Michael Skupin. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

I think anyone who is a fan of Survivor remembers Michael Skupin. He's the one who had to be airlifted out of the game after burning his hands when he fell into the fire. Luckily he ended up being just fine.

51. Alicia Calaway. Survivor: Australian Outback / Via

Alicia is best known for the infamous finger wagging incident with Kimmi Kappenberg. They were arguing about chickens and Alicia wagged her finger right in Kimmi's face saying "I will always wave my finger in your face."

50. Dave Johnson. Survivor: Amazon / Via

Dave tried to play an honorable game. He wanted the men to be more humble in front of the women on the other tribe and not make themselves look and sound better than they were.

49. Carl Bilancione. Survivor: Africa / Via

Carl was voted out mainly because he was a dentist and bragged about his expensive things. Like a Porsche. Probably not a great move when you're trying to win a million dollars.

48. Robert DeCanio. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Robert or "The General" as he was known was a good guy. He knew he was going to be voted out and still did not try to wheel and deal and make promises. He didn't want to damage his integrity, pride, and honor and I admire that.

46. Hunter Ellis. Survivor: Marquesas / Via

Hunter was the third person voted out of his tribe. He took the leadership role but was never liked by Rob Mariano. Rob had a pretty strong hold on his tribe and he easily got Hunter voted out early.

44. Brian Hedick. Winner: Survivor: Thailand / Via

Brian's only downfall I thought was when he back stabbed Helen Glover because he thought she was conspiring against him with Ted , when really she was making a plan against Clay.

43. B.B Anderson. Survivor: Borneo / Via

B.B was abrasive towards his fellow tribe mates. He was voted off second in his season because of it. B.B passed away on October 29, 2013 after a massive stroke and brain cancer.

41. Jan Gentry. Survivor: Thailand / Via

Jan was a sweet woman. She cried over several animals that they found dead in their area, including a baby bat. She managed to make it to third place by being in an alliance with Clay Jordan and Brian Hedick.

39. Butch Lockley. Survivor: Amazon / Via

Butch was a nice guy. He liked to joke and be silly. He will always be known for burning his camp down though when he got clumsy with the fire and storing wood around it. He finished 4th.

38. Ryan Opray. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Since there were two Ryan's on this season he was given the cute nickname Rhino. He befriended a pelican while on the show. Ryan was voted out 9th due to a strong alliance with the opposing tribe. He was the first jury member.

37. Janet Koth. Survivor: Amazon / Via

Janet was accused of bringing a granola bar into the game. Unlike Kel's beef jerky incident, an actual granola bar was found on the ground after falling out of someone's pack. Janet denied it but was still voted out. She was the second person voted out on her season.

36. Greg Buis. Survivor: Borneo / Via

Greg supposedly had a sexual relationship with Colleen Haskall but nothing was ever confirmed. Greg was the first person to ever be on the jury on Survivor and the first person to ever win individual immunity. He made it to 9th place on his season.

35. Linda Spencer. Survivor: Africa / Via

Linda didn't play a great game, she didn't play a bad game. She was voted out mostly because she was older and in the beginning this season was dominated by the younger folks. She was the third person voted out on her season.

34. Lillian Morris. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Lil was very sweet. She was always worried about hurting people's feelings. Lil was able to come back into the game after a twist that allowed two people that had been previously voted out to come back in. She made it to second place against Sandra Diaz-Twine.

32. Sandra Diaz-Twine. Winner: Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Sandra was infamous for dumping out all the fish that Rupert caught after he was voted out so that the people who had back stabbed him couldn't enjoy it. She was the winner of her season after being taken to the final two by Lillian Morris.

31. Deena Bennett. Survivor: Amazon / Via

Deena was the leader of the all-female tribe. She made it to the merge and played a strong game. She got pretty cocky though and was blindsided by Rob Cesterino. Deena was the 8th person voted off her season.

30. Darrah Johnson. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Darrah came into the merge with a target on her back but won 3 immunity challenges in a row and secured herself in the game for 9 more days. She made it to the final four.

29. Ryan Shoulders. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Ryan S or "Skinny Ryan" got a bad rep in the game. He was accused by Andrew Savage of giving up during the hard immunity challenge and causing them to lose. Ryan said he gave 110% but was considered weak because of his tall, skinny stature. Osten said he wanted to be voted out and give up but Ryan was voted out first. He was the second person voted out on his season.

27. Christa Hastie. Survivor: Pearl Islands / Via

Christa was accused of dumping out Rupert's fish after he was voted out, when in fact it was Sandra Diaz-Twine who did it. Sandra never confessed and Christa was voted out because of it. She made it to 6th place on her season.

26. Joel Klug. Survivor: Borneo / Via

Joel was a strong competitor and was most people's pick to win the whole thing. He rubbed the women in his tribe the wrong way though when he laughed at Gervase Peterson's sexist comment about women. He was the 5th person voted out on his season.

25. Kelly Goldsmith. Survivor: Africa / Via

Kelly was accused by Lex Van De Berge of voting for him when actually it was Teresa Cooper. Teresa kept her mouth shut though and Kelly took the fall for it. Kelly made it to 9th place on her season.