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8 Random Dollar Store Brand Cereals

The Dollar Store has the most random and questionable cereal in the history of all stores in existence.

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5. Twigs, High in Fiber!

Sina Lewis / Via 99 cent store

Anyone remember the SNL Colon Blow parody? I think this is a distant cousin. Clean your colon right out with these fiber filled twig delights.

6. Kid Dy-no-mite!!!

Sina Lewis / Via 99 cent store

At first I was thinking these were tiny dinosaur cereals. Since they don't look like mini dinosaurs and the name isn't Dino-Bites I guess they the words of JJ from Good Times... DYNOMITE!

Did I mention they are fruity too?

9. A Spot of Gun Powder Please!

Sina Lewis / Via 99 cent store

This isn't a cereal but I had to include this in the randomness. Can someone explain to me HOW gun powder is edible, let alone a good addition to an antioxidant power house like green tea?

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