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    10 Reasons Why Internet BFFs Are Wonderfully Weird And Totally Great

    I promise, Mom, I’m not getting Catfished!

    1. The fandoms, the memes, the stanning!


    Most internet friends bond over something they both love, whether it be Harry Potter, SpongeBob memes, or whatever they both happen to obsess over. Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr are popular places to meet your next IBF!

    2. The timezones!

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    You could be living in San Francisco and your IBF lives in Berlin. It can get tricky because they’re asleep while you’re eating dinner. You have to plan out a lot of FaceTime calls, and it’s normal to wake up to 10 text messages with spilled #tea.

    3. Your family and friends think you’re getting catfished.


    As we’ve all learned from Nev and Max, it’s IMPORTANT to know who you’re talking to, but our Internet friends are real and trustworthy! We know them!

    4. Your IRL friends sometimes don’t get it.


    Sure, lots of people have Internet friends these days, but there’s still that stigma where you’re not considered “real” friends. If you tell your IRL friends you gotta go home to watch a movie at the same time with your Internet best friend, some of them would be confused.

    5. If only we could share snacks.


    My Internet best friend lives in Canada and snaps me pictures of Beavertails (fried donuts covered in different toppings), which look hella good. I live in Chicago and send her pics of my Italian Beef with hot giardiniera, which she’s totally missing out on. If only we could share our food through computer screens. :(

    6. You think about the day you'll finally meet


    You’ve spent hours FaceTiming, texting, calling, DM'ing, and liking photos, and you can’t wait to finally meet in person! Now you can both be on your laptops at the same time in the same room. Finally!

    7. Tickets are expensive, though.

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    Planes, trains, and automobiles are normal for most online best friends. Trips require weeks, if not months, of planning. Plane tickets and gas are expensive AF, but we all know it’s worth it when you finally get to hangout IRL.

    8. And when you finally do buy that ticket, where do you stay?

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    You've spent hundreds of dollars on a ticket, but where do you stay? You feel bad staying with your IBF because you don’t want to intrude, but at the same time, imagine being able to have a sleepover and fangirl IRL until 4 a.m. over your shared fandom.

    9. You tell them everything.

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    Your Internet best friend likely doesn’t know anyone you know, so it’s easier to spill the tea. You can’t be there to give them a hug, so tagging them in their favorite memes or talking to them on FaceTime is a good way to show that you care.

    10. And finally, you check your mailbox all 👏 the 👏 time 👏


    You’ve bonded with this person over your favorite things and have SO many inside jokes. My Internet best friend and I have matching friendship bracelets and mail each other funny cards. Until you get to meet, it’s a fun way to stay in touch and break through those pixels.