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Water Park Employees, What Are Some Shocking Secrets And Stories You Have From Work?

Fun, sun, and...germs?

Summer's here, and that means it's time for lots of fun-filled trips to the water park.

But before we all start heading over, I thought it'd be interesting to get some behind-the-scenes details. If you've worked at a water park, I want to hear your wildest stories and secrets from on the job.

Like maybe you found someone's soggy toupee stuck in one of the drains.

Or perhaps you've seen someone change their baby's dirty diaper in one of the pools.

Maybe you've witnessed someone's shorts fly off in the wave pool.

Or it could be that you're privy to the fact that the water is never properly sanitized.

Whatever you have to share, I want to hear it! Leave your super-bizarre story or secret in the comments below. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, fill out this form instead. Your response may be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!