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    16 Hilarious "The Mindy Project" Moments That Prove It’s So Underrated

    Ex-squeeze me?

    1. When Mindy explained why she hates anything that's "old school."

    Mindy hates people who are old fashioned. To avoid waiters who tell her to put her phone away at dinner, she eats at chain restaurants.

    2. When Mindy couldn't risk being mistaken for this celebrity again.

    A stranger pays for Mindy's dinner, but she's worried they've mistaken her for CeeLo Green

    3. When Mindy shared her thoughts on music.

    Mindy refuses to listen to Phish because she thinks songs should be three minutes long with Nicki Minaj rapping in the middle

    4. When Morgan brought a messy app to Danny's squeaky clean apartment.

    Morgan brings a tray of messy chicken wings to Danny's apartment along with a single Wetnap wipe

    5. When Mindy proved just how high her standards are.

    Mindy says she's so hard to impress that she once gave the Louvre one star

    6. When Mindy made it clear that she was definitely not a mother.

    When someone asks Mindy if she has kids, she gets offended and tells him it wouldn't be possible because she has the hips of an 11-year-old boy

    7. When Mindy and Casey bonded over how "tough" Los Angeles is.

    Casey says he has to move out of LA because there were too many pretty girls. Mindy agrees that LA is a tough place because she was once tased in Katy Perry's driveway

    8. When Mindy decided to clean up her place.

    Mindy follows the Japanese decluttering method where you throw out things that don't bring you joy, so Mindy decides to throw out all her vegetables and an electric bill

    9. When Danny had to remind Mindy that she's the dramatic one.

    Mindy tried to shut down the M&M store because she thought the brown lady M&M was stealing her look

    10. When Mindy channeled her inner-Disney character when planning her outfit.

    Mindy's apartment is robbed so she has to wear a nightgown to work. She says she looks adorable like Wendy from Peter Pan

    11. When Mindy was still kinda hungry.

    When Danny asks Mindy if she's hungry, she says she just had a ginormous meal but that her metabolism is so fast, her doctor said she can eat every hour. That doctor was her

    12. When Mindy challenged another doctor to a "shots off" to win her office back.

    Mindy beats another doctor at a shots-off because she eats a loaf of bread every night

    13. When Mindy set her standards for online dating.

    Mindy is writing to a mystery man online who reached out to her. She makes it clear that she's not interested if he's a serial killer, but she is interested if he's a serial killer that murders other serial killers

    14. When Tamra couldn't recognize Mindy because of her new look.

    Tamra mistakes Mindy for a little boy selling chocolate because Mindy has a new pixie cut

    15. When Mindy's dream man left her Christmas party early.

    Mindy is heartbroken that her plan to get her dream man didn't work out. She's more than sad because sad is just when the cab driver thought I was Jaden Smith

    16. When Tamra brought in dessert on the first day of Mindy's diet.

    When Tamra brings in a big cake for her birthday, Mindy says it's her favorite kind of cake: gigantic.