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Share A Time A Customer Did Something Super Kind For You And Turned Your Whole Day Around

Because sometimes people can be kinda wholesome.

When you're working in a job that deals with customers, things can get kinda stressful sometimes.

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So on a tough day, a kind gesture from a customer can really turn your mood around.

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Like, maybe a customer offered you a slice of their cake when celebrating a birthday at the restaurant you work at.

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Or maybe someone dropped enough cash to pay your rent in your tip jar after you went the extra mile to make a perfect cappuccino with light foam, two pumps of caramel, an extra shot of espresso, one and a half pumps of sugar-free syrup, and a drop of vanilla.

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Perhaps a customer saw how good you were at computers and got you an interview for a higher-paying job at their tech company.

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Or it could be that a kind customer gave you a shoulder to cry on after a really frustrating day and became your best friend for life!

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Whatever your story is, I want to hear it! Leave your super-nice customer experience in the comments below and your response might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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