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Suggest An Alternative Ending To A Popular Movie That Would Have Made It A Thousand Times Better

It's time to play screenwriter for the day!

Have you ever watched a movie that was really good until its totally sucky ending ruined the whole thing for you? I definitely have, and it got me thinking: Which movie endings should be totally scrapped and replaced?

So I want you to suggest a different ending to a popular movie that you think would have been wayyyy better.

Like, maybe you thought Edward should've been killed by the Volturi in Breaking Dawn so that Bella could raise Renesmee with Jacob and start a new vampire-wolf species.

Perhaps you thought that in Passengers, Aurora should've chosen to re-hibernate in the repaired pod to get to Homestead. She could have made scientific discoveries on the new planet instead of wasting her life doing nothing with Jim in a spaceship.

Or maybe you thought it was unrealistic for Michael to actually be in love with Kimmy in My Best Friend's Wedding, and that Jules Potter should've ended up with him instead.

Whatever it is, I wanna know! Tell me which movie could have benefited from a different ending, and describe it in the comments below. The best responses will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post!