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    On The 20th Anniversary Of 9/11, Sikh Americans Are Sharing How The Tragedy Changed Their Lives Forever

    "We desperately needed people to know who we were."

    I was 3 years old when 9/11 happened. Though I was too young to recognize what was happening at the time, the tragedy would become a central factor in the way I approached being American.

    In this photo, I was almost 3 years old, sitting in my father's lap at a 9/11 memorial.

    Below are the stories of 15 Sikh Americans. Their post-9/11 experiences are an important reminder of the work we have left to do in this country.

    Navpreet Singh from Long Island, New York

    Navpreet smiling at the camera

    Sukhmani Kaur from Akron, Ohio

    Sukhmani standing in some grass, smiling for the camera while on a campus

    Sukhmani's photos of the Sikh community in New York.

    Mohmeet Singh from Manassas, Virginia

    Mohmeet Singh standing in front of a statue of George Washington

    Navjot Kaur from Queens, New York

    Navjot standing on a sidewalk in a residential area

    Harajeshwar Singh Kohli from Durham, North Carolina

    Harajeshwar standing next to his wife on a sidewalk near some grass

    Komal Chohan from Indianapolis, Indiana

    Komal holding a purse and standing in front of a brick wall

    Amandeep Singh Sidhu from Washington D.C.

    Amandeep in a work photo for his law firm

    Mandeep Kaur from Garden Grove, California

    Mandeep sitting at an outdoor table at a restaurant next to a dessert on her table

    Vishvajit Singh from Washington, DC

    Vishvajit Singh in a Captain America uniform walking out of a subway station

    Herman Singh from Visalia, California

    Herman standing with his hands clasped together

    Deepjyot Kaur from Springfield, Ohio

    Deepjyot standing in front of some trees

    Manpreet Singh from the Bay Area of California

    Manpreet smiling for the camera

    Gurpreet Singh from Chicago, Illinois

    Gurpreet standing in front of the Punjabi Grocery & Deli in New York City

    Parvinder Mehta from Detroit, Michigan

    Parvinder smiling for a photo in front of some wall decorations

    Salvin Chahal from Sacramento, California

    Salvin leaning against a barbed wire fence