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    15 Sexist Video Game Moments That Made People Extremely Uncomfortable

    I'm honestly shocked.

    Recently, Reddit user u/SpongeyGirl asked women gamers to share the sexist scenarios they've seen in their favorite video games. Here are some of the experiences that made them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in the video game world.

    1. "In Paper Mario 64, there's a part where you play as Princess Peach, who is trapped, and the only way to get free is to go to the kitchen and bake a cake. Then you wait for Mario to rescue you."

    Princess Peach getting ready to frost her cake in the kitchen

    2. "In Harvest Moon, if you wanted to play as a girl character, your farming career ended as soon as you got married. (The franchise has since fixed this.)"

    A couple with their baby sit by a tree and the game's caption says "Harvest Moon 3 The End"

    3. "Any game where you give a woman gifts or help her with a quest and then get rewarded with sex. It's like women only exist to have sex."

    In this game, the collectible achievements are different Playboy playmates

    4. "My boyfriend plays a game and all the male characters can be normal men, extremely unrealistic buff men, giant unshapely men, or even monsters. I wish it was like that across the board for women, but it’s just tiny waists, long legs, long ponytails, and giant busts and butts."

    On the left are different options of male characters who are neither buff or extra attractive. On the right is a female character wearing lingerie and heavy makeup

    5. "In the recent Tomb Raider trilogy, the first game is 80% loud moaning, 20% closeups on Lara Croft's boobs."

    The main character from Tomb Raider bending down

    6. "My problem is how most of the super popular video games have male main characters. Women are fiercely misrepresented in the video game world."

    Five male protagonists walking in line with each other

    7. "Sometimes in Final Fantasy, its female characters are walking stereotypes — damsels in distress, and mostly white mages or healers."

    A woman labeled "desperate damsel" pleads with her captor

    8. "In Animal Crossing, the personality types are based on gender. The male villagers get to be athletic, lazy, food obsessed, or smug. The female villagers have choices of being pop stars, "normal," or snooty."

    A character named Patty says she's about to be a world-famous pop star

    9. "In The Witcher, there is an alcoholic guy who abuses his wife. They make it seem like she deserves to be abused because she cheats on him when he's away at war."

    The Bloody Baron helps his depressed and abused wife off the floor

    10. "In The Witcher, the main character collects cards of women he's slept with."

    A "elf romance" card that characters can collect features the image of the back of a nude woman

    11. "I hate that in so many games male characters get solid body armor while female characters just get tiny bikinis."

    The male character on the left has heavy duty armor while the female on the right fights while in a skimpy bikini

    12. "In Saints Row: The Third, there's a mission where you rescue a group of prostitutes and then get the option to either sell them back to their captor or become their new pimp."

    A person looking to rescue prostitutes opens up a shipping container where they are locked away

    13. "In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I don't like the way female Byleth is portrayed compared to the male version. Male Byleth has a look of determination, while female Byleth has empty doll eyes that make her seem less smart. Also, her clothes are sexualized and she stands with her knees pointed inward to look dainty and fragile."

    The male Byleth on the left has determined eyes while the female Byleth on the left looks more doll-like

    14. "In The Bachelor: The Videogame for Wii, you play a single woman vying for the bachelor’s attention, which you gain by completing mundane tasks like baking a soufflé or inflating volleyballs. It’s like the game producers thought women players couldn’t handle anything more difficult."

    The game explaining that in order to win, you have to successfully complete tasks on dates. There is an image of a woman giving the bachelor a back massage as an example

    15. "In Resident Evil, you can play as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, but Jill Valentine is considered 'easy mode.'"

    Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield characters

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.