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Tell Us The Cringiest Things You've Seen On The Job As A Recruiter

We want to hear it all!

Are you a job recruiter? If you are, I'm betting you've seen some wild stuff on job applications and in interviews.

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Some people will stop at nothing to get a job, whether that means lying on their resume or doing a phone interview while on the toilet. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it!

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Maybe someone got a little too intimate in their cover letter and described the ins and outs of their sexual history.

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Or they attached a strange and irrelevant photo or video of themselves to their application.

Elle Woods sends a video of herself in the pool to the Harvard Law admissions board
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Perhaps they tried to bribe you with something you definitely didn't want, like a funky homemade dish that tasted horrible.

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Or mayyybe they suddenly got explosive diarrhea in their pants in the middle of an interview.

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However cringey, bizarre, or gross your stories may be, we want to hear them! Tell us your experiences in the comments and they may be included in a BuzzFeed Community post!