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    21 Times People Discovered Their Passions Later In Life That Are Seriously Inspiring

    It's never too late to chase your dreams!

    Recently, Reddit user u/wibly_wobly_kid asked people who found their passions later in life to share their experiences. Here are some of the most hopeful, inspiring responses:

    1. "I went to college in my early twenties but never graduated. I took on a food service job that made me miserable and angry at myself. One day, my uncle pointed out how good I was with kids, and I realized I could become an early childhood educator. I quit my job, focused on school, and aced all my classes. A daycare hired me right after and I'm much happier."

    A teacher reading a book to young children
    Maskot / Getty Images


    2. "I was 45 when I went back to school. I’d worked blue-collar jobs all my life and was a high school dropout. My daughter started taking paralegal classes and I thought, I could do that. So I got my GED, became a paralegal, completed my undergrad and law school education, then graduated at 55. I passed the bar on my first try and I’ve been a public defender ever since. I love what I do, I’m very good at it, and it’s the best move I ever made."

    A lawyer going over paperwork with a client
    Wutthichai Luemuang / Getty Images / EyeEm

    3. "My dad discovered his life’s biggest passion at age 67: mountain climbing. He climbed Kilimanjaro and Whitney just months apart."

    A hiker at the top of a mountain
    Massimo Colombo / Getty Images

    4. "I found that my passion was sewing/tailoring clothes. On a whim, I took a class at a local community center and got hooked. After learning some basics in the class and following some YouTube videos, I can make pants and shirts. The best thing to come out of this passion was making a pair of pants for my wife."

    A person using a sewing machine to make a shirt
    Wokephoto17 / Getty Images

    5. "I had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished school, so I signed up for IT and psychology programs. After three years of trying each, I decided they weren't for me. I became a barista at Starbucks and really enjoyed it, so I signed up for a bartending course and now work as a bartender."

    A barista at Starbucks steaming milk
    Siewwy84 / Getty Images / iStockphoto

    6. "I always wanted to learn an instrument, so over the COVID lockdown, I picked up the guitar. After that, I learned the drums. Now I’m building a music studio so I can create commercial jingles."

    A person playing electric guitar in their studio next to a set of drums
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    7. "I always assumed that I hated cooking because my parents hated cooking, but when I hit a depressive episode in my thirties, I started experimenting in the kitchen by myself. The healthier diet, combined with learning new skills and seeing myself improve at something, had a huge, positive impact on my life."

    A woman organizing fruits and veggies on their countertop
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    8. "I'm 35 and was recently diagnosed with PTSD and borderline personality disorder. I needed a hobby for when I have bad times or days. I picked up skateboarding, and it's better than any pill or therapist. Even when I fall, it takes my mind off of EVERYTHING."

    A person skateboarding
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    9. "When I was young, I went into computer programming and publishing. When those paths became hard to maintain, I decided to find a new job and chose to work at a greenhouse/garden center. The pay was just OK, but I found happiness. Now I have my own small business doing specialized landscaping."

    A woman watering plants in a greenhouse
    Carol Yepes / Getty Images

    10. "I’m 37 and just now figuring out what my path is: advocacy. Helping other people find and use their voice to get what they need in life is the best! I primarily work with young adults with developmental disabilities, helping them become more independent."

    A woman helping a child with a learning disability
    Kali9 / Getty Images

    11. "I used to be a classical musician and I thought it was my passion, but I got so burned out. I eventually switched careers and went into programming, but I still wasn’t passionate about that. I realized that what I’m passionate about is my family, and this career allows me to focus on that."

    A father playing with his children
    Marko Geber / Getty Images


    12. "I graduated from college with a degree in graphic design. After doing some design work and IT support, I realized that my passion has always been for video games. I made it my goal to work as a game developer, and I recently landed my first serious role with a big studio on a bigger game."

    A person with a VR headset testing out some game designs
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    13. "Two years ago, I stumbled upon a sales job at a floral shop, which I thought would just be another random job. Turns out, it's something I love! I was just doing sales at the start, but now I’m learning to be a floral designer!"

    A person arranging flowers in a store
    Oscar Wong / Getty Images

    14. "I never used to like running, but I started signing up for marathons, swims, long cycling events, and triathlons to challenge myself. Now I’ve completed dozens of events, and I genuinely like just getting on my bike or going for a run."

    A woman running in the street for exercise
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    15. "Legos are my passion. When my baby was in the NICU, I started building with them as a way of processing. Shortly after that, I became part of the Lego community. I combined my love of photography and Legos and became a professional Lego artist."

    A person putting together a Lego structure
    Stories / Via

    16. "Painting has become my passion. I always used to doodle in class to help myself focus, but during my clinical year in dentistry school, I used drawing as a stress reliever. I began with charcoal, then watercolor, and now I mostly do portraits with gouache, charcoal, or digital painting."

    A person doing charcoal artwork
    Drazen_ / Getty Images

    17. "I was nearly 40 when I began to learn to tango. For years it was just a fun hobby, but eventually it transitioned into a passion. Not being able to tango this past year has made me realize what an important part of my life it has become."

    Two people tango dancing at home
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    18. "All my life I wanted to be a veterinarian, but when I finally got into vet school, I hated it. I decided to reach out to my archaeology professor, whose class I enjoyed. Eventually I was accepted into an archaeology program, and now I'm going to Ireland to dig up a medieval cemetery. I turn 33 this summer, and for the first time ever, I feel excited about life."

    A person digging through dirt and rocks
    Stevica Mrdja / Getty Images / EyeEm

    19. "Trail biking is my passion, but I didn't get to bike for many years because my husband mocked me. When he left, I started biking again. I got my first mountain bike when I was 60, and now, at age 70, I still ride at least one 20-mile stretch a week."

    An older woman biking on a rural trail
    Lucentius / Getty Images

    20. "I'm 43 and my passion is audiobook narration. I've always loved books, so I started working with a group that produces audiobooks for kids with learning disabilities. I got a coach, and I've narrated two books so far!"

    An older woman recording audiobooks with a mic and a laptop
    Maskot / Getty Images/Maskot

    21. "I'm a geoscientist, but I was always interested in nursing in university. When 2020 came along, I found work as a COVID testing operative, which reignited that idea of nursing. Now I'm back to school training as a nurse."

    A nurse looking over paperwork in a hospital
    Reza Estakhrian / Getty Images

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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