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Women Feel Weird About Doing These 17 Normal Things In Public, And The Bottom Line Is...Our Society Suuuucks

I'm so frustrated!!

It's not news that most women are subject to blatant sexism on a daily basis.

So when Reddit user u/protehule asked women to share the regular, everyday actions they feel uncomfortable doing in public, they had plenty to say. Here were some of the most relatable responses:

1. "Eating a banana. I had to stop bringing bananas to work as a snack because my coworkers wouldn't stop snickering about it."

A woman peeling a banana after her workout

2. "Being friendly and bubbly because it always gets misconstrued as flirting."


3. "Just walking past a group of men. I can always feel their stare behind me."


4. "Bending down to get something."

A woman bending down to plug something into the wall

5. "Falling asleep on the train or bus. I absolutely love it, but I always have to do it with one eye or ear open."


6. "Smiling at strangers. I once smiled at an older man as I walked by him in the park. The next time we crossed paths, he asked for my number and said he wanted to be friends. I skedaddled for dear life out of the park and went home."


7. "Taking off my jacket. I always fear that someone nearby will mistake it as me trying to show off my body to them."

A woman taking off her coat while a man watches her

8. "Writing on a whiteboard. I’m a high school teacher, and one teenager took a video of me while I was writing. I’ve also heard others speculating about what underwear I’m wearing when my back is toward them."


9. "Eating an ice cream cone. I remember in high school, I was eating some ice cream, and my male friends were making gross, sexualized comments about it."


10. "Running or even just walking briskly. I’m breastfeeding right now, so my boobs bounce everywhere. I ran up some stairs in public the other day, and every single guy was looking at me."

A woman running up stairs

11. "Making eye contact with men, because I don't want them to take it as me being interested in them."


12. "Going on the stair stepper at the gym because I have to worry about if people are staring at my ass while I work out."


13. "Reaching for something on a high shelf."

A woman reaching for a book on a shelf

14. "Not wearing a bra. I just can’t stand the judgment and stares in public."


15. "Walking up the stairs when there's a male colleague right behind me. Not necessarily because they are pervy, but because it's weird that my bum is directly in someone's line of sight."


16. "Cleaning any gym equipment that has a handle (e.g., the elliptical)."

A woman cleaning the handle on an elliptical

17. And finally, "Wearing jeans or pants that are tight fitting. I won’t go out in them unless I have a sweater long enough to cover my bum! I just hate the staring."


Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.