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    21 Memes About Getting Old That Are A Little Dramatic, Kinda Sad, And Extremely Relatable

    Peter Pan was on to something...

    Everyone gets old — it's just a part of life. If you're like me and you feel old age creeping up on you, you'll find these 21 memes heartbreakingly relatable. Here are all the signs that you are, in fact, getting old:

    1. You have lower back pain that's triggered by any and all movement:

    2. You are physically unable to stay up past your bedtime:

    3. You make elaborate plans to get out of social situations:

    4. Your perception of time is extremely inaccurate:

    5. You can't believe people were actually born in the 2010s:

    6. The songs you love are no longer cool:

    7. You can't tell the difference between YouTubers:

    8. You can't stand to eat the snacks you used to love:

    9. You fall asleep every time you sit down to watch a movie:

    10. You find your parents' jokes funny:

    11. You're excited to pay your bills:

    12. You can't stand change:

    13. You don't have to pretend to be older than you are:

    14. You entertain yourself by looking at furniture:

    15. You have no interest in TikTok:

    16. All your friends have children:

    17. Your knees have literally zero chill:

    18. You're super bored with your adult life:

    19. You get all disoriented if you stand up too quickly:

    20. And finally, you round down when giving someone your age:

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