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    Women Are Sharing The Major Red Flags They Look Out For When Making New Friends And I'm Taking Detailed Notes

    "When they want you to be their maid of honor even though you've only been friends for a month."

    Recently, Reddit user u/lettuceown asked women to share the biggest red flags they look for when making new friends. They had a lot of insight to offer, and it honestly could apply to anyone, not just women! Here were some of their best responses:

    1. "When they make comments about other people's appearance or clothing. Who cares if a woman wants to wear makeup and wedges?"

    2. "When they expect you to be their personal therapist. I used to be a friend's emotional dumping basket and I had to tell her I'm not qualified to help her with her issues. You can feel for a person, but at the end of the day you've got to watch out for your own health."


    3. "When they knowingly engage in a relationship with a married person. If they could do that to one woman, they could do it to me."


    4. "When they shit talk everyone and everything, especially when they don’t know you well. Like, you’re willing to tell me this when you barely know me?"

    5. "When they become a 'fast friend.' For example, if you met them a month ago and they're already asking you to be their maid of honor."


    6. "When they are passive-aggressive. Like, if something’s upsetting you please just say it. I don’t have to time decipher what you’re really trying to tell me."


    7. "When they don’t respect other people’s relationships. I once met a girl who would purposely flirt with my friend's husband and it was so disrespectful."

    8. "When they are mean under the guise of 'I'm just being honest.'"


    9. "When they don't respect other people's boundaries and have no filter."


    10. "When they need to be the center of attention all the time."

    11. "When they act entitled. If they always expect you to have time for them, make you jump through hoops, and show no respect for anyone else's thoughts but their own, I avoid them."


    12. "When they have a one-upper attitude in every regard."


    13. "When they are flaky with meetups — always late, returns texts a week later, drops off the face of the earth and pretends nothing happened when they come back."

    14. "When they are too obsessed with astrology. I don't mind anyone being interested in it in general, but when you justify shitty behavior with it, I'm out."


    15. "When they don’t show up for you, but expect you to show up for them."


    16. "When they praise me too much and overemphasize how much we have in common, especially in a you-and-me-against-the-world way."

    17. "When they want to know your entire schedule so you can hang out more than once a week."


    18. "When they encourage you to repress your emotions so you can get back to 'having fun.' True friends let you talk about what’s bothering you instead of making you feel like an inconvenience for 'bringing down the vibe.'"


    19. "When they make no effort and I’m always reaching out to make plans or connect."

    20. "When they prefer to hang out with the guys because 'female friends have too much drama.'"


    21. "When they name drop. It just makes me feel like they are befriending me for status and nothing else. I'd prefer not to be just a part of somebody's network of contacts."


    22. "When they see you as their competition and find your successes threatening. I don't want to be friends with anyone who wants me hide my achievements for their comfort. They should be genuinely excited for your accomplishments."

    23. "When they don't hesitate to belittle or throw their friend under a bus for male attention."


    24. "When they don't know how to keep secrets. If they tell you secrets of other people that have been entrusted to them, you can't trust them to keep yours."


    25. And finally, "When they require constant companionship, even in bathrooms."

    What are some of your friendship "green flags" — good things you look for when making friends? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.