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    24 Pictures Of Irritating Human Behaviors That Make Me Want To Lock Myself In My Room And Never Leave

    Go ahead, ruin your day...

    1. This lazy and inconsiderate roommate:

    2. This $5 grande cup of ice:

    3. This littering partner:

    4. This air-filled loaf:

    5. This hack job:

    6. These useless pop tabs:

    7. This annoying technicality:

    8. This 0.002-ply toilet paper roll that's see-through:

    9. This bunch of bananas that got peeled all at once:

    10. This out-of-line drain:

    11. This chaotic slicing:

    12. This inefficient pump:

    13. This neglected coaster:

    14. Any and all bug bites:

    15. This package of absolutely nothing:

    16. This sneak attack advertisement:

    17. This less-than-appealing flavored water:

    18. This unedited book:

    19. This unripe and poorly cut watermelon:

    20. These lazy and ignorant subtitles:

    21. This smushed-up pizza:

    22. This toddler who wants to watch the world burn:

    23. This top covered in deodorant stains:

    24. And finally, this weapon disguised as a mug:

    H/T r/MildlyInfuriating

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