22 Actors With Their Fictional TV Partners Vs. With Their Real-Life S.O.'s

    Onscreen and off, these couples are adorable 🥺.

    1. On TV, Courteney Cox played Monica, Chandler's love interest on Friends.

    Monica and Chandler are posing for an engagement photo

    In real life, Cox is with longtime partner Johnny McDaid.

    Johnny McDaid and Courteney Cox at a gala

    2. On TV, Anthony Anderson plays Dre, Bow's husband on Black-ish.

    Andre and Rainbow walking through their hallway with their arms linked

    In real life, Anderson is married to his high school sweetheart, Alvina Stewart.

    Anderson and Stewart at the Emmy Awards together

    3. On TV, Danielle Fishel played Topanga, Corey's love interest on Boy Meets World.

    Cory and Topanga are talking to Eric.

    In real life, Fishel is married to writer Jensen Karp.

    Fishel and Karp at a premiere party

    4. On TV, Kerry Washington played Olivia, Fitz's and Jake's love interest on Scandal.

    Fitz and Olivia face each other in Fitz's office

    In real life, Washington is married to actor Nnamdi Asomugha.

    Washington and Asomugha pose for a photo at a premiere event

    5. On TV, Darren Criss played Blaine, Kurt's love interest on Glee.

    Blaine puts his hands on Kurt's shoulders before their performance

    In real life, Criss is married to director Mia Swier.

    Criss and Swier pose at the Cannes Gala

    6. On TV, Shanola Hampton played Veronica, Kevin's wife on Shameless.

    Veronica and Kevin standing next to each other on a street in a neighborhood

    In real life, Hampton is married to actor Daren Dukes.

    Hampton and Dukes posing at an event

    7. On TV, Chris Messina played Danny, Mindy's love interest on The Mindy Project.

    Mindy sits on Danny's lap in his office

    In real life, Messina is with longtime partner Jennifer Todd.

    Chris stands next to Jennifer at a premiere event

    8. On TV, Sterling K. Brown plays Randall, Beth's husband on This Is Us.

    Randall and Beth stand near each other while talking to someone.

    In real life, Brown is married to actor Ryan Michelle Bathe.

    Brown and Bathe pose at the NAACP Image Awards

    9. On TV, Jenna Fischer played Pam, Jim's love interest on The Office.

    Jim and Pam are walking with each other at the Rabies Fun Run

    In real life, Fischer is married to director Lee Kirk.

    Fischer is posing with Kirk at a gala

    10. On TV, Issa Rae's character dates Lawrence on Insecure.

    Issa and Lawrence hold hands at a farmers market

    In real life, Rae is married to businessperson Louis Diame.

    Issa and Louis pose on a red carpet

    11. On TV, Eric Stonestreet played Cam, Mitch's husband on Modern Family.

    Cam and Mitch talking to Gloria

    In real life, Stonestreet is engaged to nurse Lindsay Schweitzer.

    Stonestreet posing with Schweitzer at a premiere event

    12. On TV, Daniel Dae Kim played Jin-Soo, Sun-Hwa's husband on Lost.

    Jin and Sun stand near some water.

    In real life, Kim is married to Mia Rhee.

    Daniel Dae Kim and Mia Kim pose at the Tony Awards

    13. On TV, Sherri Saum played Lena, Stef's wife on The Fosters.

    Stef and Lena are sitting next to each other

    In real life, Saum is married to actor Kamar de los Reyes.

    Sherri Saum is posing with her husband Kamar de los Reyes

    14. On TV, Noah Reid played Patrick, David's love interest on Schitt's Creek.

    David and Patrick are at their wedding

    In real life, Reid is married to Clare Stone.

    15. On TV, Gina Rodriguez played Jane, Rafael's and Michael's love interest on Jane the Virgin.

    Jane resting her head on Rafael

    In real life, Rodriguez is married to actor Joe LoCicero.

    Gina smiling with Joe at a gala

    16. On TV, Lauren Graham played Lorelai, Luke's love interest on Gilmore Girls.

    Lorelai is standing with Luke in Stars Hallow

    In real life, Graham is with longtime partner actor Peter Krause.

    Graham and Krause posing for photos at the Golden Globe Awards

    17. On TV, Samira Wiley played Poussey, Soso's love interest on Orange Is the New Black.

    Poussey and Soso are holding hands

    In real life, Wiley is married to producer and writer Lauren Morelli.

    Samira and Lauren holding hands at an awards event

    18. On TV, Leighton Meester played Blair, Chuck's love interest on Gossip Girl.

    Blair and Chuck are eating lunch next to each other

    In real life, Meester is married to actor Adam Brody.

    Leighton is with Adam at a premiere event

    19. On TV, Hannah Simone played Cece, Schmidt's love interest on New Girl.

    Schmidt and Cece at their engagement party

    In real life, Simone is married to photographer Jesse Giddings.

    Hannah and Jesse posing for a photo in front of some flowers

    20. On TV, Aubrey Plaza played April, Andy's love interest on Parks and Recreation.

    April sitting on a desk next to Andy

    In real life, Plaza is married to screenwriter Jeff Baena.

    Aubrey posing with Jeff at the LA Film Festival

    21. On TV, America Ferrera played Amy, Jonah's love interest on Superstore.

    Jonah and Amy spy on a colleague in the store

    In real life, Ferrera is married to actor Ryan Piers Williams.

    Ferrera and Williams posing at the Vanity Fair party

    22. On TV, Richa Moorjani plays Kamala, Prashant's love interest on Never Have I Ever.

    Kamala looking at Prashant, who is standing next to her

    In real life, Moorjani is married to Bharat Rishi Moorjani.