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40 Thoughts Everyone Has While Attending The IHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party

What would Lil' Jon turn down for?

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The iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party, sponsored by Visit Florida, kicked off last night at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami with performances by Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, Tiësto, and Lil' Jon and I couldn't help but wonder:


Why are Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea so adorable?

Where does Ariana Grande shop?

Who made Iggy Azalea's cool hairstyle?

If they only have 'one less problem without you,' not 'no more problems without you', why are they so happy?

How many problems did they have to start out with?

Were Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea singing to the same person in 'Problem?'

Was some guy two-timing Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea?

Who is this guy?


Why does Steve Aoki have better hair than me?

Can Steve Aoki share his daily hair care routine?

Where has Lil' Jon been all these years?

What would Lil' Jon turn down for?

Would he turn down for a Klondike bar?

What was up with the 'Turn Down for What' video?

Was the video Lil' Jon's idea?

Is Lil' Jon going to scream 'yeah' and 'okay' after every song?

Why is it so hot in Miami?

Why is Miami so awesome? Oh right, because it's MIAMI!


How does one audition to become a backup dancer for Iggy Azalea?

Is there an application you have to fill out?

Why didn't Iggy Azalea wear her Cher outfit from the 'Fancy' video?

How Fancy is Iggy Azalea exactly?

Will people ever get tried of hearing 'Fancy?'

Has Alicia Silverstone seen the 'Fancy' video?

Can Alicia Silverstone PLEASE do a remake of the 'Fancy' video?


What's Tiësto really listening to?

Do DJ's secretly watch stuff online while they're performing?

How did he get 'Tiësto' from Tijs Michiel Verwest?

Can Tiësto help me come up with a cool DJ name?

Can Tiësto become a full time DJ name generator?


How does Ariana Grande hit that high note?

How does such a big voice come out of that tiny body?

Can Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey cover each other's songs?

Can Ariana Grande be my friend?

Do artist performing at musical festivals ever watch their fellow performers?

Do artists ever get tired of singing the same songs over and over?

When the musical festival is over, are the performers just going to leave or stay in Miami for a few more days?

The iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party continues tonight with performances by Jennifer Lopez, Neon Trees and MAGIC! You can watch the pool party LIVE tonight on Yahoo Screen at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

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