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15 Frustrating People You're Bound To Encounter At The Movie Theater

The movie theater is unfortunately the place where we encounter the most obnoxious humans to ever exist.

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1. Mr. 20-Questions

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"When is the movie going to start?" "Why did he just go into that building?" "Who was he?" "Was that a hint that there's going to be a sequel?" We get it, you're confused, but if you just stopped talking then you'd realize your questions could be answered by simply watching the movie.

2. The Crying Baby


It's pretty hard to hear dialogue over the sounds of a cranky child. It's understandable that the child is obviously not in control of the situation but it makes us wonder why was there a child in an R-rated movie to begin with.

3. The Person Who Has Never Seen a 3D Movie

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"Oh my god, look, it’s totally coming right at me!!!” "Did you see that, the car looked like it was about to hit us!" We understand, it's cool when things come at us in 3D, but you don't have to voice it every time it happens.

4. Loud Eaters

Nickelodeon / Via

There's nothing worse than when a suspenseful scene is ruined because the person next to you doesn't know how to chew quietly. It’s not just the chewing, either. The rustles of bags, crunching of nacho chips, the slurps of oversized drinks — the sounds are never-ending.

5. The Constant Texter

The CW / Via

A good movie allows all your stress to simply fade away, at least for 120 minutes. That's what makes the constant texter a particularly annoying movie goer. The phone’s glow doesn’t just mess up the balanced lighting in the room, it also forces you to snap back to reality.

6. The Inappropriate Laugher

Sony Pictures / Via

Everyone enjoys a little humor now and again, but the key is being able to distinguish what's funny and what's not. One of characters slipping and falling into a pool, funny. One of the characters crying over the tragic death of a loved one, not funny.

7. Someone Sitting Next To You In A Near-Empty Auditorium

Cartoon Network / Via

We understand that there's a high chance that someone might sit next to you when you're at the movie theater. The problem occurs when there are literally rows of empty seats available and someone decides to randomly pick the seat directly next to you. It's just common courtesy to respect someone’s personal space.

8. Sold Out Snacks

Nickelodeon / Via

Let's be honest, movie theater food is a huge part of what makes our movie experience so good. It's hard to imagine seeing a movie opening weekend without chowing down on the buttery popcorn, pretzels, nachos and candy. So it's especially upsetting when your favorite snacks are unavailable.

9. The Person Who Brought Food From Home

Dimension Films / Via

Concession prices at movie theaters can get a little ridiculous, so it's understandable when people sneak candy and snacks into the movie theater. Sneaking in candy is one thing, but no one wants to smell burgers, chicken or your grandmothers homemade taco salad when they're trying to watch a movie.

10. The Annoying Couple

Universal Pictures / Via

It doesn't matter if they're an official couple or two teens on an awkward first date, couples just tend to be annoying when they attend movies together. Whether they're constantly talking, making noise as they pass the popcorn back and forth, or trying to sneak in kisses.

11. The Screamer

Paramount Pictures / Via

This person is usually the bane of any horror movie goer's existence. Even the scariest films have some calm and peaceful moments, but this doesn't matter to these particular movie guests because they have the tendency to scream at anything. The sound of stairs creaking? Screaming. Random camera angles? Screaming! Creepy music? Everything is fair game, and everything is answered with a scream.

12. The Critic

The Jim Henson Company / Via

Most people give their critiques during the previews. There are usually several side conversations about what upcoming movies seem good or which films they plan on skipping and waiting to watch on DVD. However, the critical movie-goer doesn’t stop there. Oh no, this person continues to critique the entire movie — from the poor casting choices to the wordy dialogue. It makes you wonder, if they hated the movie so much, why didn't they just leave?

13. The Group of Preteens

NBC / Via

Nothing is more obnoxious than a group of preteens at a movie theatre. They snicker at the 'adult' jokes, ooh and aah at the hint of nudity, whisper-yell to each other throughout the entire film, and are a complete disturbance to almost everyone around them.

14. The Sick Person

TLC / Via

You would think that with all the germs out there that someone would stay home if they were feeling under the weather. But no, the sick person heads to the theater with a box of tissues in hand and a bag of cough drops in their bag. The worst part is, this person doesn't understand that their constant sneezing and coughing is annoying.

15. The Narrator

Nintendo / Via

"Did you see that?" "I knew that was going to happen, didn't I tell you?" The narrator points out each obvious action that takes place on the screen. It's as if they don't understand that you can clearly see everything they're seeing. What's annoying is the fact that the narrator thinks he's doing everyone a favor by saying what everyone is thinking. Though in reality, he's probably the most hated person in the movie theater.

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