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The 14 Best "Full House" Catchphrases You Still Say Today

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there's a catchphrase (a catchphrase) to get stuck in your head!

14. Is it made out of wood?

ABC / Via

Remember when Joey worked on a kids show as Ranger Joe and his sidekick was a wise-cracking woodchuck marionette puppet named Mr. Woodchuck?

13. Well, pin a rose on your nose

ABC / Via

This phrase, often uttered by middle child Stephanie Tanner, is interchangeable with today's "nobody cares!" The shade of it all!

12. Don't call me "Squirt!"

ABC / Via

Don't mess with Michelle! This sassy younger child was known for her quick witted (and adorable) comebacks.

11. Oh, Mylanta!

ABC / Via

This phrase, which can mean "Oh my God," was often said by oldest child DJ after she saw a cute boy. You go DJ!

10. Aw, nuts!


Even the adorable Michelle Tanner wasn't perfect. Whenever she was wrong or didn't get her way, she often replied with this saying. How can you say no to that face?

9. Oh, please!

ABC / Via

The sass is REAL! Michelle was the first one to call someone out if they were caught lying. Seriously why did no one ever call this kid out?

8. DUH!

ABC / Via

If you haven't noticed by now, about 70% of Full House catchphrases are from Michelle! DUH! Seriously, why did the family let her get away with this?

7. No way, Jose!

ABC / Via

Look another Michelle catchphrase! She definitely had a flair for the dramatics. This diva couldn't just say 'no,' she had to add her own spin to it!

6. Not the hair/Watch the hair!

ABC / Via

Uncle Jesse was VERY protective of his famous locks! But we've got to admit, we were so happy when 'Mr. Stephanie' gave him a 'pretend' haircut!

5. Cut it out!

ABC / Via

Funny man Joey Gladstone often said this phrase (accompanied by hand motions) after he received praise for his jokes. Seriously Joey, cut it out with the jokes.

4. You're in big trouble, mister!

ABC / Via

Don't even think about trying to get away with something in the Tanner house!

3. How rude!

ABC / Via

Before Michelle could talk (and produce her own catchphrases), there was Stephanie and her famous 'How Rude!" If anyone tries to come at you incorrectly, hit them with your best Stephanie impersonation!

2. Have mercy!

ABC / Via

What made this catchphrase so great was its lack of meaning! It could be said (and often was) in anything situation!

1. You got it, dude!

ABC / Via

The ULTIMATE sign of approval, if you heard this phrase you were officially on Michelle's cool list!

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