10 Reasons Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen’s Friendship Is The BEST

PROOF that Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen make the most adorable best friends EVER!

They might play frenemies in the X-Men films, but Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are FAR from it!

1. They take pictures like normal tourists.

There’s no better travel companion than your BFF!

2. They go out drinking together!

Typical Friday night between best buds!

3. They work together.

Working with your best friend can be challenging, but these two make it work!

4. They’re comfortable with each other!

If you can’t pig out in front of your best friend, than who can you pig out in front of?

5. They celebrate hoildays together!

What better way to ring in the New Year than with your best friend?

6. They’re there for each others big moments!

Ian McKellen officiated Patrick Stewart’s wedding to Sunny Ozell.

7. They watch sports together!

Even rooting for different teams couldn’t tear this two apart!

8. They act silly together!

The shenanigans between this two are endless!

9. They exercise together!

Friends are a great source of motivation!

10. They live the high life together!

Who better to enjoy life’s luxuries with than your best pal?


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