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Struggles Anyone Who Is Partying This Season Will Understand

The pain is real

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1. First party of the season. Let's get annihilated!

2. How the night begins.

3. Drink three and loosening up, but there is still NO WAY you are doing Karaoke, so don't even ask.

4. Drink four.

5. Drink six and even Gladys from accounts is throwing some shapes.

6. Everyone, the morning after.

7. 11am arrival in the office. 'I did WHAT last night?'


*Repeat steps 2-7 at least once per week through December*

8. When you suddenly remember you have the next few days off for Christmas.

9. When you ignore that 'urgent' email that arrives on December 24.

10. When you check your balance on December 26.

11. January 02, preparing for another year in the office.

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