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If Hannah Horvath Hosted Saturday Night Live

Lena Dunham is hosting SNL this week and it will probably be hilarious. Can't say the same for GIRLS' Hannah Horvath.

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Backstage before the show, she gives herself a pep talk.

She completely bombs the opening sketch.


Live from New York it's... Wednesday night?

She plans to promote her new book in her opening monologue, forgetting that her editor died...

Via she promotes these books instead. Whoops.

She pokes fun at her mental illness


and the audience can't decide if it's funny or sad.

She forgets where the cameras are.

The musical guest performs while she stuffs her face backstage.

Adam makes a cameo on Weekend Update to promote his broadway show.

During the commercial break, she asks Adam how he thinks it's going...


...and Adam hits her with a truth bomb.

Panic ensues...


... 8 times.

For the next sketch, wardrobe puts her in outfits even more ridiculous than the ones she usually wears...

... which leads to an awkward, not cable TV-appropriate nip slip.


Hannah, has Janet Jackson taught you nothing?

Which is of course followed by a sketch poking fun at her sexcapades.

And the audience is thinking...

So she just says her thank yous...

...and goes home, obsessing over the evening and wondering how she got to be this awkward.