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    If Cassie Clare's Shadowhunters Ate In The Mean Girls Cafeteria

    Just some book worm word vomit that is totally fetch.

    With the upcoming City of Bones movie, we got to thinking - What would happen if the Shadowhunters walked into the Mean Girls cafeteria? We mapped out where they would sit according to The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare.


    ROTC Guys


    J.V. Jocks

    Asian Nerds

    Cool Asians

    Varsity Jocks

    Unfriendly Black Hotties

    Girls Who Eat Their Feelings

    Girls Who Don't Eat Anything

    Desperate Wannabes

    Sexually Active Band Geeks

    The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

    And the worst: Beware of The Plastics

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