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    EXCLUSIVE: #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Reveals New Cover On BuzzFeed

    Sometimes the perfect man is fictional... Meet Trent Maddox.

    First there were two amazing novels, Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster...

    …In which we fell in love with [the sexiest man alive] Travis Maddox.

    Via MTV

    And there was a lot of this…

    And this...

    And [thankfully] a lot of this.

    ABC Family/Pretty Little Liars / Via

    Now while we not so patiently wait for the movie

    ...we get to meet Trent. He's Travis's older brother,

    Glee / Fox / Via

    And he says things like, "Comfortable? I'm f*cking cashmere." / Via Teen Wolf / MTV


    And he’s rumored to be even wilder than Travis. Is that even possible?!?


    Some people even say they might love him MORE than Travis!!!

    All we know is, we cannot WAIT to meet Trent Maddox. Here’s your first peek into the world of Trent and Cami. Drumroll please….May we present: the absolutely GORGEOUS cover of BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION by Jamie McGuire:


    Beautiful Oblivion hits stores (and our hearts) July 1st! Don’t worry, you can pre-order it now, and keep up with teasers, excerpts, and more awesome stuff on Jamie McGuire’s Facebook. Read a description of the book here or visit for more info!

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