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    A Step-By-Step Guide To Your Weekend

    According to the Rich Kids of Instagram

    Get dressed, AKA time to sling on the arm candy:

    Do as your nanny taught you, and start the day with a complete breakfast:

    If you’re traveling, pack your bags:

    Hop on the nearest form of transportation:

    Buckle up:

    It doesn’t even matter where you go, as long as you bring the party (champagne) with you:

    Don’t stop until it’s time to shop:

    Some of you might prefer a staycation, with the creature comforts of your own home:

    Take a leisurely bath:

    Then catch up with your friends:

    Have some bonding time with your pets:

    Take some time out of your day to appreciate art:

    But most importantly, above all, make sure you find the time to settle down with a good book:

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