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    9 Surprising Secrets About John Wayne

    With dozens of Westerns and war movies to his credit, John Wayne’s legacy as the ultimate guy’s guy is firmly secured in American pop culture. But he wasn't all swagger, tough talk, gunsmoke, and haymakers. Below are nine little-known facts about “The Duke” to surprise Dad with on Father’s Day while you’re watching The Searchers or The Shootist during a Wayne movie marathon.

    1. He had a flair for interior decorating and antiquing

    2. He also had a knack for fashion and style

    3. Wayne wasn’t a big fan of horses

    4. He was an ace chess player, just not always an honest one

    5. The stigma of him as a “dodger” during World War II forever haunted him

    6. He played Genghis Khan

    7. His passion project, The Alamo, left him in financial ruin

    8. He was a gracious, even humble, winner

    9. John Wayne was an invention