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17 "Dancing With The Stars" Contestants Who Also Happen To Be Authors

We happen to think their writing is better than their dancing.

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3. Jack Osbourne (Season 17) & Kelly Osbourne (Season 9)


Jack shares stories about life without privacy ("What's privacy?") and his stint in rehab -- and claims he's the only sane one in the family. Kelly offers cutting thoughts on sibling relationships and growing up Osbourne as well as on life as a fledgling rock star.

8. Ricki Lake (Season 13)


Ricki Lake’s life has been a series of rebirths—from fat to skinny, married to divorced, rich to poor, and more. In her book, Ricki shows us how her life in the spotlight offers wisdom to anyone who has ever struggled in her own skin.

13. Denise Richards (Season 8)


Following a painful divorce from Charlie Sheen (#winning?), she found herself raising their two young daughters alone as her mother was dying of cancer. Denise writes openly and honestly about these experiences and more.