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    11 Things from Childhood that Terrified You

    There are things from our childhoods that scare us to this day, and Halloween brings these chills to the surface. We’re reminded now of some of scariest things that still haunt our memories.


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    Even though some of your favorite toys were kept in either of these places, they were no less traumatizing to go into. Only now do you realize the lengths you went to just to get your Barbies or trucks.

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    One of the major reasons you stayed up late on a Saturday night. Nickelodeon’s SNICK always played this scary show at the end of their lineup. But was it worth the nightmares you had as you fell asleep? You bet it was.


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    Enough said.


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    With their empty gaze and knowing smirk, you could only imagine what dolls would do when you weren’t looking…or when you were asleep.

    Tales from the Crypt

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    This cult classic was way out of your viewing age group as a kid, but if you happen to find it on TV, it was just too hard to look away. Now you’re just scarred by the Crypt Keeper’s evil cackle and bad puns.


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    The only scary books your parents let you read were from this beloved series by RL Stine. From haunted houses and ventriloquist dummies to evil scarecrows and twisted carnivals, Stine brought terror to the pages of your childhood.

    Telling Ghost Stories Around a Fire

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    Being next to a fire was fun until someone decided to tell a ghost story. And then all you could do was look around you into the dark night and let your imagination run wild.

    The Closet/Under the Bed

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    Notorious for being where the Bogeyman lived, under your bed and in your closet were perfectly normal in the light of day, but morphed into places of terror in the darkness of night.

    Getting Lost / Via

    Getting lost as an adult is frustrating. But getting lost as a kid, whether in everyday places like grocery stores or malls, or in more unchartered territory, left you terrified.

    Being Alone in Creaky Houses

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    The times your parents left you alone in your house were always exciting, until you noticed all the creaky (and creepy) noises it made. Was it the wind? An intruder? Or just your mind playing tricks on you?

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    A classic fear from childhood that probably followed you into adulthood, the dark will always be a little daunting.


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