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10 Tips To Live Longer

Dr. David B. Agus shares tips on how to make sure you live to be an old person.

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4. Be Optimistic.


Studies have shown that being more positive can have dramatic effects on health. So if you approach problems optimistically (or at least with a cackle a la Rob Lowe), you might just live longer than someone who always looks at the downside. And come on, look at this guy, he's looked like that for 30 years!

5. Find out what exercise or activity you're bad at and focus on it.


You'd be surprised what you can discover if you try something outside of your natural comfort zone. It is a stimulant to the mind AND body, keeping your brain sharp into old age.

6. Never skip breakfast.


Barring an extreme natural aberration, you will never wake up rail thin if you weren't that way when you went to bed. Eating breakfast speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day.

10. And, whatever you do, stop juicing!


What are you doing blending chicken anyway?! That's disgusting. The juice from a juicer becomes processed, losing fiber and nutrients. If you want to be strong, just grill the chicken and eat it, weirdo.

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