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    10 Steamy Books You May Want To Read On An eReader

    No need to be ashamed - Pop these into your eReader and enjoy sinfully sexy stories on the go. Say goodbye to judgmental stares on the subway.

    1. BEAUTIFUL BASTARD (Series) by Christina Lauren

    2. WALLBANGER (Series) by Alice Clayton

    3. ENAMORED (ENSLAVED Series) by Shoshanna Evers

    4. HOLLYWOOD HOOK by Mamie Center

    5. IF I WERE YOU (INSIDE OUT Trilogy) by Lisa Renee Jones

    6. JUST ONE NIGHT (Series) by Kyra Davis

    7. THE SEDUCTION (REBECCA'S LOST JOURNALS Series) by Lisa Renee Jones

    8. WHAT REMAINS (THE FETISH BOX Series) by Nicole Camden

    9. CAGED WARRIOR (THE DRAGON KINGS Series) by Lindsey Piper

    10. THE PRINCE OF SHADOWS (SHADOWS series) by Nancy Gideon