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The Funniest Jokes On iPhone X Will Keep You Laughing For Hours

Just after the release of the new iPhone 8, Apple released another phone: iPhone X. With a lot of new features and a huge price tag, the new device became the hottest topic. As you can imagine, it also became the main target of memes. From the facial recognition feature to the fact it allows you to turn your face into an emoji, iPhone X provides a lot of meme material. The internet was quick to use it, so here are the best jokes on Apple's iPhone X.

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The biggest display ever


iPhone has the biggest display you can get from a phone. It's also colorful and has impressive video playback abilities. But some people find these to be... not impressive at all!

Facial recognition

As it was expected, the most prominent feature of iPhone X is the facial recognition system, which is the best joke material. Especially since it failed at the presentation of the phone. Now, can this feature can be tricked? Apple says no, the internet says yes!


Another great feature of the latest iPhone is the ability to transform yourself into an emoji. The phone allows you to create clips of yourself as an emoji, while making silly faces to show your emotions. So, now you can morph into a sad poop!

Wireless charging

All the users who expected a longer battery life from the new iPhone will be disappointed, but they can now charge their phone wireless. The feature was introduced with iPhone 8 and we can also find it on iPhone X.

New cameras

Before you turn yourself into a talking poop, you can take a professional selfie with your new iPhone X. The cameras are now capable of producing professional-looking pictures, even in low light. Iphone X has 12 pixels wide angle lens and a second telephoto lens for zooming. Too bad it doesn't know how to vacuum the house.

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