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Healthcare Professionals' Negligence Cases That Will Give You The Creeps

When you go to the hospital or the doctor's office, you normally trust your doctor to administer the best treatment and save your life, when needed. But have you ever wondered just how reliable a person who holds a MHA is? After you will read these appalling cases of negligence, you will never be able to see doctors in the same way as you did.

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5. Nursing homes staff pranks dementia patients


Dealing with a person suffering from dementia is hard, if you are not a professional. Most people are forced to take a drastic decision and put their loved ones with dementia in special facilities, where they can receive the required care. However, sometimes the people who are paid to look after these patients indulge in sadistic, dangerous behavior.

In 2010, at the Valley View Skilled Nursing Facility, Ukiah, California, six employees decided to have a laugh by covering dementia patients in ointment. They were all arrested for their "prank". This case is not unique: healthcare professionals who fed their dementia patient dog food or hot sauce also made the headlines.

4. Slapping unconscious patients


Dr. Michael Clarke from St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, indulged in a strange behavior during surgeries. When the patient was sedated, the doctor used to slap their bare bottom! Confronted with this act, he said it was a way to measure the effects of the anesthesia, but his colleagues denied this. They said the Clarke was shouting sexual insults when he slap his patients and he often left them with red marks, due to the force used for the slap. Clarke was suspended for eight months, but then he returned to the operating room.

3. Mid-surgery lunch breaks


When you are being operated you trust your doctor to do the right thing and make sure you will get the best treatment. In 2012, at a Swedish hospital, a team of doctors was conducting a brain surgery on a 72 year old, as they were removing a tumor. But the anesthesiologist and his nurse decided to leave the patient and go for a lunch break. A nurse from the orthopedics was left to care for the patient. However, she lacked the required knowledge to care for the patient, who suffered a hemorrhage and was starved of oxygen for eight minutes. He died as a result.

2. The recorded pelvic exams


Dr. Nikita Levy, from Johns Hopkins Community Medicine was using a camera pen to record the pelvic exams of his patients. The gynecologist was working at the medical facility for 25 years, but he began to record his patients without their consent in the last eight years. One of her colleagues made her suspicions about the camera pen public, which lead to an inquiry. The hospital had to inform all the 12,692 women who had pelvic exams about the potential violation of their privacy.

Meanwhile, Levy was sued and forced to pay $190 million in compensation. Ten days after the public scandal, Levy commit suicide.

1. The deadly punch


In 2013 Dr. Andrei Votyakov, from Russia's Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery was working long shifts, which pushed him to the edge. At the end of one of the 36 hour shifts, the anesthetist was dealing with a 61 year old patient who had heart surgery. The patient had his limbs strapped to the bed. He insulted Votyakov, who punched him in the face and in his newly operated chest. The patient died seven days later.

Unfortunately for Votyakov, the incident was caught on tape and uploaded online, which lead to a criminal investigation. Votyakov was fined and sentenced to five months of community service.

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