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12 Things All Vapers Are Too Tired Too Hear

Vaping is already an old habit for some people and most of us are used to see people puffing their vaping devices. However, vapers still hear the same old questions, which never cease to annoy us. We are all tired of hearing how the e-cig is going to kill us faster than smoking and how we set a bad example for kids. And these are only two of the many, many things we have to hear daily, multiple times a day! As a vaper myself, I know at least 12 things all vapers are too tired to hear.

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1. When are you giving up?


Many people gave up smoking in favor of vaping. But this doesn't mean I am going to quit vaping as well! Guys, get over it! I am a vaper and I will stay a vaper as long as I want! Quitting is not in my five years plan, so stop asking me when I will give up. Vaping is not the same as smoking.

3. I quit smoking without turning to anything else


Not all vapers are trying to replace smoking, some of us just love vaping. Many more turned to vaping because is provides more flavors and you can do it in many public places.

So, I don't care how you quit smoking, because I am not trying to do this!

8. That thing smells awful!

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Stop complaining about my e-cigarette – regular cigarettes smell ten times worse. At least I can smell myself, which a smoker can't do. On the bright side, I can smell a smoker and identify the brand of cigarettes they use before they even speak to me.

10. You know those are worse than cigarettes right?


Oh please, go ahead and make clueless assumptions about something you've never used and you will probably never use. I do love to hear what your opinion about something you know nothing about.

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