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Meet The Australian Comedian Challenging Life As We Know It

The Gospel According to Matthew - but not St. Matthew. No, Matthew Semple is an Ipswich comedian challenging what has become of society in the 21st century.

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Slightly inept, awfully inapt, and endlessly inane, The Gospel According to Matthew is a satirical sermon regarding life, death, and whether one can truly be called an artist without a MacBook and a chai latte. Inspired by the music of Tim Minchin, the wit of George Carlin, and the questionable policies of certain Australian senators, The Gospel According to Matthew features everything you were taught not to discuss in polite company.

The Gospel According to Matthew, a satirical musical theatre piece set to the hit the stage of the Butterfly Club this March, boasting an all-original score that tempers incisive social commentary with childish vulgarity! For the writer and star of the show, Matthew Semple, life in the performing arts, every day is a battle between artistic integrity and selling out to make dodgy late-night TV commercials.

Naturally, Matthew vowed to sell out or die trying. Despite the biblical title, his satirical musical/cabaret is not for the faint-hearted. The Gospel showcases Mr Semple's musical and satirical prowess as he dares to ask the difficult questions of today's society, such as: "Where are the lids to all of my Tupperware containers?".

Make sure you catch The Gospel According to Matthew in time for your next confession!

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