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18 Ways British People Have Of Saying "Go F**k Yourself"

So angry. So poorly equipped to express it.

1. In conversation, to someone who’s just expressed an opinion you viscerally disagree with.

2. In an argument.

3. At the start of a sentence.

4. On a plane, to the parent of an awful child.

5. On a train, to somebody who has just mashed your face with his backpack.

6. To someone who just put a divider between their shopping and your shopping at the checkout.

7. On the radio.

8. In a country lane, to the prick in a Range Rover who forced you to reverse 200 yards so he could pass.

9. In a leaving card.

10. In parliament.

For those not currently addressing the House, just shouting WURRRH is also acceptable.

11. In an email.

12. To a hairdresser whose appalling work has left you on the verge of tears.

13. In a black cab.

(This must only be done after two minutes of pregnant silence).

14. On a zebra crossing, to the man who wasn’t going to stop for you.

15. At a bar, to someone trying to get served before you.

16. To someone on the pavement with a clipboard and bib.

17. In a queue, to somebody who just cut in.

18. In countries where it is customary to tip.

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