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Zlat's Your Lot!....United Release Ibrahimovic

Why this decision was correct

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From our blog:

Arguably one of the best signings for United in the post Ferguson years, Ibra made an immediate impression for United in his first season, scoring 28 from 46 in all competitions. So, why did United let him go? Here's why in was a great decision:

Whilst 28 goals from 46 games would be a great tally for any top flight striker(the benchmark often being the 1 in 2 equation, ie, 1 goal for every two games), it was a slight decline off his goal a game average of recent seasons(50 from 51 for PSG in 2015-16).

Whilst it's true that it does take time to adjust to the pace of the Premier League, how much improvement can an ageing body(35) do better each successive season when the body is deteriorating with each passing year?

In addition, his injury on 20 April 2017 against Anderlecht, resulting in Ligament damage, sidelined him for a lengthy spell. As anyone knows, recovering from serious injury takes longer the older that one gets. Even if Ibra makes a 100% recovery(bodywise), how long would it take him to rediscover his sharpness and motivation?

Zlatan does not lack self-confidence, that's one thing that's certain, however, a world-class striker who is well and truly over his peak, who is showing signs of dropping off in his strike rate, and, who is recovering from a serious injury, is not in a position to command the earnings that he could once haven earned, nor could he be AS effective in leading the line in Champions League matches.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an absolute legend, and, he may still warrant record breaking figures in leagues such as MLS. However, to lead the line for Manchester United is a bridge too far. This legend will likely best be served by remaining....the stuff of legends

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