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Whilst The Fans Wait For The Silver Bar..Will They Miss The Gold Nugget?

Arsenal fans continue to wait for their marquee signing. But could they overlook a gold nugget whilst they wait for the silver bar?

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There is no doubt Arsenal supporters are anxiously waiting for the oft touted Marquee signing. Names such as Mbappe waft in a smell of promise, a hint of glory. In a team of attacking options such as Alexis Sanchez, and, consistent international performer, Giroud, a promising striker will add a little. Why only a little? If we lose Sanchez’s 20 odd goals and gain a 20 odd goal striker, the tally will only alter modestly. If is kind of like acquiring a silver bar, valuable but not earth shattering. However, gaining a defender on a free might be the gold nugget that is easy to overlook. Compare the stats in this infographic that appears on

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