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Rent A COUNTRY This Valentine's Day

Run the nation's police, have your own currency, rename the streets and even go wine tasting with the Prince. Now that, my friend, is a Valentine's Day present.

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Stuck for what to get your loved one this Valentine's Day? Well, Liechtenstein has the answer.

You can rent the entire European principality for the bargain price of $70,000 per night.

Yes, Liechtenstein may be on the tiny side but let us not forget- size isn't everything. After all you would have the run of your OWN country!

So what can the 30th smallest country in the world offer?

Upon arrival there would be a wine tasting event at the estate of the head of state, Prince Hans-Adam II. Here, you would be presented with a symbolic key to the state.

There would be a horse drawn carriage ride through the capital, Vaduz.

A personalized firework display.

You would be allowed to customize street names and make your own currency!

There would even be a customized medieval procession...

The price tag includes accommodation for 150 people. So it could be a romantic getaway for you, your dear partner and 148 of your closest friends. Perfect. You could even split the costs: 70,000/150= $500 each. Bargain.

To escape your subjects, of which there are around 35,000, you could get adventurous and discover Lichtenstein's picturesque mountain scenery by going tobogganing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoe hiking. However, these activities aren't included in your $70k stay.

But on the brighstide you would receive an individual logo created out of candle wax.

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