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    13 Tools And Tips For Making An Awesome Website For Your Side Hustle

    Don't code? No problem.

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    Growing your business is a journey, and one of the first steps is creating a website. If you’re not the most tech-savvy person, have no fear!

    Here are 13 tools and tips you can use to help make building your website a breeze. And good news: You won't need a computer science degree to pull it off.

    1. Get to know your audience.

    2. Choose a platform with features that can actually make building a website super simple.

    Screenshot of Squarespace website builder

    3. When you're choosing a domain name, go for a dot-com.

    4. Use SEO to rank on Google.

    5. Keep your website safe.

    6. Site speed is super important.

    7. Include text...but not too much.

    An example of the Grammarly program.

    8. And make sure your photos and graphics are eye-catching and on-brand.

    Example of Canva's editing format.

    9. Add a call to action to your site to turn visitors into customers.

    10. And use e-commerce tools like Shopify to sell your products online.

    An example of Shopify's program.

    11. Check out the competition.

    12. If you want to use ads, try A/B testing them to figure out what works best for your business.

    13. And finally, always offer communication options.

    Is there anything we missed? Share your best tips for making a small business website in the comments below.

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