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    This Helicopter Pilot Has The Worst Job In The World

    Spare a thought for this guy flying over the Great Barrier Reef every day.

    1. This is Nathan McClymont.

    2. He has one of the toughest jobs in Australia.

    3. He has to fly around in this joke of a vehicle.

    4. Over a bunch of tiny polyps creating weird shapes in the water (for like thousands of kilometres. Weird).

    5. Australia's Great Barrier Reef. What a nightmare.

    6. Imagine having to look at this all day. Poor guy.

    7. Commute over the Whitsunday Islands = HELLISH.

    8. It's tough work. But someone has to do it.

    9. The monotony of work. Proposals one day.

    10. Weddings the next.

    11. Boring landings on GBR pontoons.

    12. Grueling lunches on Whitehaven Beach, bafflingly voted Australia's best.

    13. The world's ugliest landing strip?

    14. Could these people not think of somewhere nice to get married?

    15. While his passengers picnic on deserted beaches.

    16. Nate is forced to hang around in his hammock.

    17. Very occasionally this poor chap gets a day off. But there's nothing much to do so far from the big city.

    18. Sailing is such a pain in the ass.

    19. Flamboyant cocktails so overrated.

    20. With only the horror of the office to look forward to.

    21. How the hell does he do it?!

    22. Imagine having to unwind like this everyday.

    23. #hellonearth indeed. Unlucky mate.

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