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    The World's Oldest Wombat Is A 29-Year-Old Virgin, And He Doesn't Care

    Patrick the wombat has had a happy bachelor life.

    This is Patrick, the world's oldest living wombat. He just turned 29.

    Since Tourism Australia posted birthday greetings for him yesterday, more than 185,000 people have liked the post – which revealed that Patrick is a virgin.

    In the wild, wombats typically live around five years. In captivity they usually live to around 20.

    Many people on Facebook speculated that Patrick's single status may have contributed to his longevity.

    In a recent appearance on Today, Patrick revealed that he likes his tucker.

    The Today Show / Via

    At 38kg (84 lbs), the well-fed marsupial is the largest common wombat on earth.

    He has spent all his life at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, and was hand-raised by the park owners after being orphaned as a joey.

    According to Tourism Australia, "the team at the park tried releasing Patrick back into the wild a couple of times but he couldn't defend himself against other wombats".

    Note: Wombats pose no danger to humans. As long as you drive carefully.

    As a younger wombat, Patrick spent many years greeting park visitors in a wheelbarrow.

    Nowadays his main job is posing with park visitors.

    Earlier this year, CNN named Patrick as one of the world's cutest city mascots.

    He makes regular appearances on TV.

    Of course, Patrick also made BuzzFeed's definitive list of celebrity wombats.


    Animal lovers around the world have joined the people of Ballarat to wish Patrick a very happy birthday.

    Special commemorative posters have been printed.


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