44 Vintage Photos That Show How Fast Australia Has Changed

Today marks 175 years since the invention of photography.

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2. This is the oldest known surviving photograph taken in Australia, snapped in 1845.

Flickr: statelibraryofnsw

Dr William Bland, an ex-convict, was a prominent surgeon, humanitarian, social reformer, and inventor. This daguerreotype is the earliest known surviving photograph taken in Australia.

4. Daguerreotype of Stephen King and a young woman, circa 1859.

Flickr: state_library_south_australia / Creative Commons

"Daguerreotype in embossed leatherette case of Stephen King junior and a young woman, possibly his sister Matilda, who is doing needlework. King was a member of the John McDouall Stuart Expedition." Source: State Library of SA.

39. David Unaipon (1872–1967) the first Australian Aboriginal writer to have a book published in Australia, 1925.

Flickr: statelibraryofnsw

Hungarrda was published in 1927 followed by Kinie Ger, the Native Cat in 1928 and his main work, Native Legends, in 1929.