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33 Pictures Only Serial Killers And Replicants Won't Find Cute

If you think “cute” EVEN ONCE, you're not human. On your marks, get set, GO!

1. If you can get through this post without going “awww,” you’re probably a serial killer or replicant.

2. Curious how much cute you can handle?

3. Of course you are!

4. So gather round then.

5. Let's start with something obviously adorable, like this photo of Chewbacca as a baby.

6. Admit it, this little guy melts you a little, right?

7. These entrepreneurial pooches?

8. This future trained killer?

9. How about these guys from the Metropolitan Police?

Scotland Police's newest fluffy recruits

10. Oh, I'm sorry, your car has been impounded? Make you mad? Or happy?

11. What about this happy family?

12. Maybe this guy, who might dig you out of an avalanche one day, will melt your heart?

13. Nope? Are you even human?!

14. What about this passed-out pooch?

15. This guy who just wants to say "G'day"?

16. Admit it, you're looking at these perfectly coordinated puppies and thinking "cute" right?

17. Take a breather and go, "Awww".

18. Now you've had a rest, fancy a kickabout?

So, uhm, do you want to play soccer with me?

19. Maybe all this looking at cuties has worked up an appetite. Feeling hungry?

20. Come on, you must be feeling hungry.

The second picture is like .5 seconds after 😂

21. Maybe some dessert?

This is so cute, I swear I thought they were a bowl of cookies and cream 😭💕

22. Perhaps a spot of shopping?

23. Come on! Don't be such a party pooper!

When you see your best friend after a long time.

24. Delivery for Mr & Ms Happy.

25. If this doge ram doesn't move you, your heart is ice-cold.

26. What about this curious guy?

I think this is my favorite thing on this planet

27. This fitness freak?

28. This bundle of love?

This might just be the cutest dog in the world

29. This PERFECTLY proportioned chap.

30. Smile and the whole world smiles with you.

31. SRSLY?! What's not to like?

32. How are you feeling? Better, right?

33. Haters gonna hate, but you know love makes the world go round. SHARE THE LOVE, PEOPLE!

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