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25 Reasons Why Winter In Australia Sucks

Enduring winter while the northern hemisphere bakes #AustralianProblems.

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1. Winter in Australia is horrific.

3. Basically three months of hell.

5. Winter mornings are the worst.

6. It's hardly worth getting out of bed.

8. Because when the sun is up, there's nothing to do.

9. It's far too cold for swimming.

13. There's basically nothing to do...

15. ...and wait for summer.

16. Still, at least the beaches are empty.

18. Well, almost empty.

What the hell are these people doing?!

19. Seriously, it's winter, why would you want to go to the beach?

20. Nope. Nothing to see here until spring.

21. So there we have it. Winter in Australia is hellish.

22. Three months of misery.

23. With basically nothing worth going outdoors for.